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The Weirdest Lip Art Tools Ever Used (Including Bees and Snails!)

The beauty world knows no bounds when it comes to its, uh, creativity, with household items (among other things).

But dish sponges and condoms used to blend makeup aside, some of these household items actually work quite well for some makeup artists.

Case in point? Toilet paper for lip art.

Now hear us out — we know the sound of it is kind of cringe-worthy (pieces of toilet paper stuck to your lips?), but the effect it gives off, especially when brushed over with metallic lipstick, is really quite beautiful.

Seriously, you can’t even tell it’s toilet paper!

Greta Agazzi, the Italian makeup artist behind this look, has used other interesting items to create some bold, textured lip looks, including nail art caviar beads and loose velvet.

And, of course, Agazzi isn’t the only MUA out there who’s applied some weird, rather impractical items on her lips for the sake of beauty.

Check out some more out-of-the-box items used for lip art below:

Diamonds for a lip art look valued at $26,500

Craft glitter

Broken shell pieces

TUTORIAL IS UP! LINK IN BIO! What should I call this? I need help! ? #lipart

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Shards of glass

Fluff from a pipe cleaner

Grass and snails


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