We go grocery shopping with greens guru Sam Graci

Photography by karindalziel/Flickr
Photography by karindalziel/Flickr

We shopped one-on-one at Whole Foods in Toronto with Sam Graci, Greens+ magnate and superfood researcher, to learn how to maintain a balanced body chemistry. He says we need to create an even pH level—where alkalizing and acid forming foods are balance—for higher energy levels and better memory, mood, libido and skin. “Our body is a very exquisite chemical processing plant,” says Graci.

Here’s what we picked up:

–       Try to include 75% alkalizing foods and 25% acid-forming foods in your grocery bag.
–       Acid-forming foods include fish, meat and grains.
–       Foods high in alkaline minerals: fruits and vegetables, salads, herbs and spices.
–       Mix up the colours of your alkalis, as each “has a different array of nutrients,” says Graci.
–       Hug the perimeter of your grocery store, where you’ll find dairy, fruits and vegetables, grains and proteins.
–       Dipping into the aisles means an encounter with processed foods with high doses of salt and sugar.

There are no “bad foods,” friends. The idea is to stay away from processed foods and balance your acids and bases. For instance, if you cook salmon (a clean fish that is high in acid-forming proteins), combine it with dill, lemon and herbs and spices so the acidity of the fish is neutralized.

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