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13 Body Oils to Shop This Summer for Glowy, Hydrated Skin

Prepare for a serious (and literal) summer glow-up.

Love the nourishing feeling and hydrated sheen you get after using a body lotion or butter, but can’t bring yourself to dip your sweaty mitts into a tub of thick glop in the middle of a hot, humid summer day? (Apologies for the visual.) We feel ya. Enter: body oils.

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As the lighter, more breathable, less sticky cousin of body lotion, it’s no wonder why body oils are having a moment in the spotlight as temperatures soar. Not only are they a great way to hydrate your limbs and keep your skin from looking dry and cracked, but they leave behind such an irresistible sheen and glow that we have no choice but to stan. Bonus: Many body oils are infused with scents you know and love, making them perfect for layering underneath your favourite perfumes, or even wearing on their own.

Browse our 13 favourite body oils below and get ready for a serious (and literal) glow-up this summer.


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