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Photography via Instagram/makeupbysepi

People are Concerned Over This Blogger’s Viral Nose-Waxing Video

Nose hair removal may seem like a concern reserved for granddads, but one beauty blogger is opening up about her experience in a now-viral video.

Sepi Balini took to Instagram to post a clip of herself getting her nose hairs waxed, writing, “You gotta do what you gotta do….NOSE HAIR BE GONE!” In the short vid, which has amassed 4.3 million views in just four days, an aesthetician gently places two small wooden sticks (one for each nostril) covered in wax up Balin’s nose. The aesthetician then proceeds to yank the wooden sticks out, taking some nose hairs with them.

And while Sepi did acknowledge she “know[s] nose hair is necessary,” the video was a cause for concern to many of her followers.

“This is not safe. You can get an infection and die! Nose hairs are there for a reason. You never pluck/wax them. You trim them!” commented one user. “?WARNING?If you pull a certain hair in your nose the wrong way you can bleed into your(sic) brain internally,” wrote another.

However, according to Amy Finnegan Burns, lead wax expert at WAXON Waxbar, the technique used on Sepi is perfectly safe.

“They could not have done a better job,” says Burns. “This is exactly how we do the nostril wax step by step, it’s how we train our waxologists,” she says. “The nostril is always a hot topic of conversation. Of course hairs are there for a reason (to help us breathe, and to help us filter bacteria), but the visible hairs right at the very corner tip of the nose are absolutely safe [to remove].”

Burns notes when waxing your nose hair, it’s best to use a hard wax, as a soft wax or strip wax will be more aggressive as they use a fabric strip for removal. Hard wax, on the other hand, grips the hair, making for easier removal. She also strongly recommends to avoid tweezing your nose hairs at all costs.

So the moral of the story? If you want to get your nose hairs waxed, make sure it’s done with a hard wax by someone who specifically specializes in waxing.

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