10 warm winter fragrances that will make you feel hot, even when you’re freezing

Scarves, parkas and mittens hardly evoke a feeling of sexiness, but keeping warm in the frosty February chill is paramount to, well, pretty much anything, stylistically speaking. But bundling up doesn’t have to suppress all things fun and gorgeous; on the contrary. Diving deep under covers and layers creates a warm, inviting and cozy feeling, and spritzing on a perfectly paired fragrance can instantly conjure the same deliciously pleasant decadence. Warm, spicy and sexy notes can stand up to winter weather, and offer enough presence that won’t get lost through all your layers. Click through to see our top ten seductive scents of the season.

1. Dior Poison

Inarguably one of the most iconic scents of all time, Dior Poison has been an insanely popular way to enrapture for nearly 20 years. Exotic, deeply mysterious and supremely captivating, unique notes like caraway, Brazilian rosewood and almond truly bewitch.

($88, thebay.com)

2. Tom Ford Noir

For all the girls out there who used to steal spritzes of their significant others’ powerful, heady Tom Ford Noir (guilty), we’ve now got a Noir perfume of our own. Like the cologne, (and all things Tom Ford, really), this fragrance oozes sex appeal and a languorous, louche quality. Floral notes like jasmine and orange flower play perfectly alongside spicy ginger and amber for a sensual, feminine fragrance.

($130, sephora.com)


3. Maison Martin Margiela Replica By The Fireplace

Margiela’s Replica fragrances cleverly bring us to a specific time and place using familiar scents, and the new Replica By The Fireplace has us roasting chestnuts on an open flame in Chamoix, France in the early 70s. Frosty top notes, depicting the winter air, contrast beautifully with smoky, warm mid- and base notes that blend into an enticingly cozy, delectable fragrance.

($125, sephora.com)

4. Jo Malone Nutmeg and Ginger

The British perfumer’s quintessential first fragrance, Nutmeg and Ginger, is a beloved, delicious blend of woody and spicy notes. Sandalwood and cedarwood evoke a warm freshness, which complements the soft spiciness of nutmeg and ginger notes.

($145, jomalone.ca)

5. Byredo Night Veils Reine de Nuit

Dedicated to the blossoming flowers of the night, Night Veils is a three-piece collection that pays homage to dark beauty. Reine de Nuit, the third release in the trio, features top notes of black currant and rare saffron, and base notes of black rose, patchouli and ambrette, creating an alluringly dark, lush scent.

($750, barneys.com)

6. Le Labo Thé Noir

A new addition to the endlessly impressive collection of Le Labo fragrances, Thé Noir captivates with black pepper, bergamot and fig. Inspired by black tea, the scent dries down to a similar composition, mimicking the leaves and finishing to a deep, rich, yet balanced scent.

($175, 6bygeebeauty.com)

7. D.S. & Durga Mississippi Medicine

Inspired by the sordidly eerie rituals of the proto-Mississippian death cult of the 1200s, this entirely unique, tenacious and esoteric fragrance is like none other. With enigmatic notes like white spruce, incense and birch tar, this natural, heady scent is unapologetically daring and enchanting.

($170, dsanddurga.com)

8. Aftelier Vanilla Smoke

Is there anything more winter weather appropriate than a warm, smoky, vanilla scent? With Madagascar vanilla, which gives off a woody, spicy, authentic aroma, Siam wood for smokiness and saffron absolute for an added layer of exoticism, this delicate, decadent fragrance is entirely enveloping.

($245, aftelier.com)

9. Diptyque Volutes

Inspired by voyages via boat, Volutes (which means, ‘plume of smoke’ in English) captures the essence of Egyptian tobacco, reminiscent of the scent of passenger’s smoke while at sea. Softened with notes of dried fruit, honey and iris, this beautifully balanced fragrance is as mysterious and sexy as it is inviting.

($160, plainandsimplehome.com)

10. Givenchy Pi Extreme

Recreated after nearly 20 years, Givenchy introduces a newer, denser version of the magnetic, plush original Pi. Bark resin crystals, smoked leather and ironwood make this version enticing and quietly elegant. And although technically cologne, fragrance experts agree this juice is delicate enough for unisex wear.

($102, sephora.com)