Everything You Need to Know About Valmont’s New $550 (!!!) Fragrances

“The principal quality of glass is its transparency,” says Leonardo Cimolin, a well-known Italian glassblower. “No other material can provide the sensations and the emotions that one gets from glass.”

Cimolin is who, after being commissioned by Valmont Cosmetics CEOs, Didier and Sophie Guillon, designed the Murano Venetian glass masks that adorn each of the five new fragrances that make up the brand’s Storie Veneziane collection. Sophie worked on the composition of the fragrances, while her husband, Didier, designed the bottles.

And that’s just the beginning of the story. Every aspect of the fragrances, which are available for purchase now, is immersed in the culture, sights, sounds and sensations of Venice. Take, for instance, the hand-stitched Italian leather detailing on each bottle cap. In fact, each and every single bottle was made by hand, from top to bottom, resulting in no two bottles that are exactly the same.

Then, of course, there are the stories behind the scents. Each fragrance in the Storie Veneziane collection is inspired by a different neighbourhood in Venice that the Guillons are fond of.

The first is Verde Erba I, inspired by the lush, green Pontille Sant’Elena neighbourhood, the most eastern part of Venice. Verde Erba is delicate and feminine, and easily likable, with notes of syringa, papyrus, and vanilla absolute. “Imagine you’re in a park and there’s a nice vapour coming off the water next to you,” says Amanda Macino, Director of Training for Valmont Cosmetics North America.

Next is Alessandrite I, inspired by L’Arsenale, a vibrant, modern and artistic neighbourhood. The scent features notes of bergamot, jasmine, and aldehydes, for a blend that’s timeless and elegant, though perhaps not for those who prefer more subtle scents.

The San Francesco Della Vigna region is captured in Rosso I, an opulent blend of rose, oud and pink berries. It’s inspired by “a single rose growing in a hidden cloister,” says Valerie Garot, Marketing Director of Valmont Cosmetics North America

The fourth fragrance in the collection is Gaggia Medio I, which gets its inspiration from the alleyways of Dorsoduro. “It’s a very sensual, secluded area,” explains Garot. “The sidewalks are so narrow that when you walk down the street, your skin has to touch the walls around you. The fragrance is inspired by that warm intimacy.” With its blend of cardamom, sandalwood, and amber, “you can become very addicted to this perfume,” says Macino. “It’s a spicy, almost carnal scent.”

Finally, the boldest of them all, is Blu Cobalto I, inspired by Campo San Moise in Venice, and featuring notes of patchouli, cocoa, and opoponax. “It’s inspired by a place of temptation and luxury,” says Garot. “So this is an earthy, provocative scent. It’s almost obsessive.”

For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Valmont’s Storie Veneziane collection, watch the video below, which features a fascinating look at how glassblower Leonardo Cimolin created the bottles.

Browse the gallery below to shop the collection.

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