Photography via Instagram/@urbandecaycosmetics

Urban Decay Is Discontinuing the Original Naked Palette and People Are Pretty Heartbroken

When it came time to purchase my very first palette—previously I’d only owned a couple of single MAC eyeshadows in teal blue that I (mistakenly) thought I looked cool in—I didn’t even have to consider my options. Because at that time, there really only was one option. One palette to rule them all: The Urban Decay Naked palette. With twelve pans of shadow, it was the perfect product for any type of look and any type of woman. From warm chocolatey shades, to frosted pinks to a deep sparkly black, this velvet-covered palette was all you needed. Dependable and versatile, it became a makeup staple.

But yesterday, the makeup brand shocked the beauty community when it announced they would discontinue the iconic product. The shock factor came less so from the loss of eyeshadows (there have been a ton of neutral dupe palettes released in the years since) but more so from the loss of something near and dear to many people’s hearts. This is a product that holds sentimental value more than any other, and for a lot of people, the Naked palette was a gateway product and an introduction into the world of beauty.

It’s safe to say that people are pretty sad.

This is also a mood:

There’s a (gunmetal) silver lining to this cloud, however. As a parting gift, Urban Decay is slashing the price of the OG Naked palette in half, both in stores and online. And there’s comfort in the fact that the brand is giving its baby the “extra-af” funeral it deserves.

So why is Urban Decay pulling the palette? It’s not entirely clear, but based on the overwhelming amount of product out there and the many documented dupes, it’s probably not selling as well as it used to. Even my own palette has been sitting in the bottom of my drawer unused for some time now. But despite that, it’s still something I haven’t been able to let go of.

Overall, it’s been an intense week for the beauty community. From ugly Twitter dramas to lengthly apology videos, the loss of this palette is just one more blow.

So if you’re really struggling with the prospect of saying goodbye, make sure to stock up on a fresh Naked palette before they’re all gone forever. Thanks for the memories, Urban Decay. It’s true what they say, nothing gold can stay, not even ‘Half-baked’.