An Empire nail polish collection is coming! 10 other TV shows we wish had their own shades

This week, our dreams took flight we learned that Empire was getting a nail polish line. Available next month at Sephora and Nordstrom, Deborah Lippmann collab will consist of shades called “Hustle Hard” (a shimmery fuchsia), Power of Empire (gold glitter), and War of the Roses (a crimson shimmer), which are all meant to reflect aspects of Cookie Lyon’s personality/aesthetic.

“I was mostly inspired by Cookie when creating the colours,” Lippmann said. “I wanted them to complement her powerful and assertive wardrobe as well as make a statement on their own.” Which they do. And of course, they also made us wish that all our beloved TV shows were launching nail polishes that we could channel our favourite characters with. Therefore, we created a list — nay, a proposal– of other TV shows and characters that should have nail polish lines. And what those shades should be, of course.

So thank us if/when you find yourself eventually wearing a nail polish inspired by Olivia Pope.

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