Turn up the volume

By Kristen Hammond

As an intern at the Montreal office, I have become the unofficial guinea pig for beauty products. Our experiments don’t always go as planned—I’ve gone home more than once with a single streaky spray-tanned arm and smelling like unsavoury lotion.

So the other day when Shirine came to my cubicle armed with a spray bottle of Evian and Redken’s Body Full Carbo-Bodifier ($21 available in salon. Visit redken.ca), I naturally lifted an eyebrow. But after a few pumps of the solution into my hair and a firm brushing from our Montreal editor, my baby-fine locks were transformed from flat and lifeless into a Brigitte Bardot–esque mane. In the privacy of my own home, it yielded hair so voluptuous I was sure I’d found the cure to the limp-hair gene. With my biggest beauty gripe solved, I’m definitely volunteering for more animal testing.

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