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Tracee Ellis Ross is Launching a Haircare Line Specifically For Curly-Haired Women

"I believe everyone should have access to their most beautiful selves in the bathroom"

Actress and hair icon Tracee Ellis Ross is launching her own line of haircare, WWD announced today.

Called Pattern, the line has been designed “for the underserved curly, coily and tight-textured community” and has been a dream of the actress’ for almost 10 years. The line, she explains, is inspired by her own hair journey and is launching in the wake of changing attitudes in the industry, as well as a push for greater inclusivity. “Beauty can be an aesthetics conversation, but the truth is for people of colour…beauty and how we express it and our hair and how it defies gravity can be political as well. The culture of beauty has been so steeped in patriarchy, racism and sexism for so long…You think of Fenty Beauty and it’s a duh, why has no one been making foundation for all skin tones before now? It’s not that those skin tones and hair types haven’t excited, but there hasn’t been a large space and understanding for it. That’s why it’s taken me so long to make these dreams happen.”

Ross explains that the line has been designed to help women of colour embrace their natural hair texture – most importantly, with ease. “Most of us in this community have had to become our own experts…we have had to make our own things in our own bathrooms. So to be able to offer a selection of products that work together and support each other is important to me.” Additionally, a percentage of the sales will be donated to non-profit organizations working to empower women of colour.

The line is launching with seven products to begin with, each of which is focused on hydrating and nourishing natural texture. There’s a shampoo, three conditioners, a leave-in conditioner and two hair serums on offer with prices ranging from $12-$55. The line also includes a range of tools, including a rubber brush, hair clip and microfibre towel to further help encourage curls into their best shape ever.

Prior to launch, the actress tested the line extensively on her own curls, as well as on a panel of women with 3b to 4c hair types. “Pattern is about products made by and for us. And it’s about creating a space for a community that exists, to celebrate our beauty and magic,” she says.

Pattern is launching in the US, exclusively at Ulta (who is reportedly opening stores across Canada at the end of this year) on September 9.

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