Toronto Fashion Week beauty: The many uses of lip balm backstage at yesterday’s shows

Toronto Fashion Week Beauty lip balm
Photography via Maybelline Canada

What can’t Maybelline Baby Lips do? The four dollar lip balm that’s likely sitting in your purse, on your nightstand and on your desk as we speak (uh, type) is a cult favourite for a reason: it’s a great lip balm. But we’re not going to tell you about the fact that it’s made with soothing Shea butter, SPF 20 and comes in six different shades, because you already know that.

Turns out, there are a million other uses for it. We’ve talked endlessly about our love of dewy skin, glossy eyelids and highlighters, and backstage at World MasterCard Fashion Week’s Fall 2015, we’ve been spotting our beloved Baby Lips being used to achieve all of the above looks. Of course, any lip balm can be used, but the subtle shimmer in Baby Lips balms makes it a no-brainer.

Backstage at David Dixon Fall 2015, Maybelline New York Canada’s lead makeup artist Grace Lee explained that she used “good ol’ Baby Lips as highlighter. I literally just [put] it directly on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and a little bit on the chin.”

Toronto Fashion Week beauty lip balm
Photography via Instagram/graceleebeauty

Meanwhile at Mélissa Nepton (above), Lee created a glossy smoky eye by mixing brown eyeshadows and topping them with Baby Lips “just on the center of the eyelids for a muddled, dirty brown [that feels] worn in and greasy.”

We also love using clear lip balm as a brow gel when we’re in a pinch, and a haphazard approach (our favourite) means it’s not only going to keep your brows in place, but it’ll act as a highlighter on your brow bone.

Best of all? We can finally justify the dozen sticks of lip balm in our purses.

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