Celebrities, they’re just like us! 4 extremely fierce things we did to prep for TIFF

Photography by Kayla Rocca
Photography by Kayla Rocca

While a more accurate title for this post would have been “Celebrities, they’re nothing like us but we can dream!” we promised ourselves that this year, we’d gear up for TIFF (which starts today!) by indulging in some super-luxe treatments that sound fit for a Kardashian. A regular old face mask in our bathrooms? Not anymore, friends. Well, not until post-TIFF.

So what are some of the celeb-worthy things we did to get ready for TIFF?

We used diamonds on our faces
For those who fear the skin scrape associated with microdermabrasion, The Freeze Clinic has your pain beat. The Toronto-based salon uses diamonds rather than crystal for exfoliation, which, while being way less painful, actually penetrate deeper. The clinic focuses on cold laser treatments, the latest advancement in baby-faced cures that stimulate biological change just under the skin’s surface. Case in point: a painless procedure that not only repairs sun damage and acne spots but “freezes” the signs of aging in their tracks. You can also check out the Freeze Clinic’s Signature Treatment at Consonant Skincare’s flagship store (2479 Yonge Street). 

We worked parts of our bodies we didn’t know existed
60 minutes with Essentrics founder Sahra Esmonde-White and you’ll be like, “What the eff was I doing before?” The ballet-inspired workout strengthens just about every muscle in your body so that you’re ultra-limber come red carpet season. It also helps with posture and poise so you can blossom into the delicate little angels that you are meant to be.

We fell asleep in the makeup chair
For those who have never endured a round-the-clock festival schedule, the idea of Kim Kardashian dozing off while getting fake lashes applied probably seem far-fetched. We used to think so, too. But every year, Shoppers Drug Mart partners up with lauded New York hairstylist Sally Hershberger to offer a one-stop pamper shop for makeup and hair throughout the festival. Without fail, we’ve fallen asleep each time while in transformation mode because that’s what dreams are truly made of.

We didn’t skimp when it came to dramatic looks
What tops off a bold look better than a set of false lashes? While we didn’t fall asleep in that particular chair, it must have been because we were too excited about our falsies from Yorkville’s Winks Eyelash Boutique. TIFF is not the time for subtlety and we definitely took that attitude to heart. The strips were expertly applied and curled, for a flawless finish. We’re already excited for our next appointment: individually applied eyelash extensions. Did someone call for a Kardashian-style nap?