TIFF 2011: Our top 5 essential luxury treatments for pre-festival beauty prep

The Organic Oxygen Infusion Facial at the Windsor Arms Hotel

The TIFF countdown is officially in full swing! With less than a week remaining until the city’s red carpets roll out, we’ve selected our top five essential luxury treatments for pre-TIFF beauty prep: not just for the stars but for those who are lucky to share their airspace.

Face: The Organic Oxygen Infusion Facial at the Windsor Arms Hotel
The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids used in The Organic Oxygen Infusion Facial at the Windsor Arms Hotel were cultivated in the Alps (we’re guessing the fancy Swiss, French, or Italian ones) to be certified organic and chemical free. Back in Toronto, the pasteurized nutrients are blended with an icy blast of medical-grade oxygen and massaged into your skin using a special O2 Oxygen Machine. The gratification of plumped up fine lines and glowing skin is instant and should last about a week.
($195, 416-934-6031 to book)

Hair: P.M. Shines Treatment at Greg May Hair Architects
It’s possible that the lowest-maintenance hairstyle is also the trendiest to wear to TIFF this year. Champion stylist, Greg May, says the best festival hair is a high-gloss, low-slung ponytail with a deep part, referencing Yves St. Laurent’s Fall runway show:“It’s almost classical, 1920s and ’30s, with a men’s feel.”May says it’s sleek and androgynous; we say it’s far more “Toronto”than a buxom blowout would be. The P.M Shines Treatment will give your hair a shiny topcoat for as long as six weeks.
($50, 416-920-8892 to book)

A luxe treatment room at Elmwood Spa

Body: iLipo at SITAMAA Spa
Plastic surgery is considerably less daunting if there’s no knife or incision involved. New cold-laser light technology works like liposuction minus the commitment of “going under the knife.”The iLipo system uses surface-level lasers to alter the stasis of your fat cells, a process called “photobiomodulation,” and rids them of triglycerides, which are then used as fuel instead of being stored in your body as fat. SITAMAA Spa in Yorkville recommends six to eight treatments to lose approximately three dress sizes, plus plenty of water, a daily sea-kelp supplement, and regular exercise to maintain your new shape.
($300 per treatment, 416-920-7482 to book)

Nails: Mannequin Mani at Tips Nail Bar
Not only are nude nails a massive trend for fall, they’re also completely practical for anyone who needs a manicure to last a long time. The new nude hue is as close to your skin colour as possible, in either a matte or glossy finish, but never sparkly. Choose a hybrid nail colour (like Shellac or Axxium) and finish with super-shiny topcoat for trendy mannequin nails. Go with empty-moon to conceal any evidence of re-growth for a long time.
($25, 416-405-8577 to book)

Spirit: LI’TYA at The Elmwood Spa
Also known as “The Dreaming Whole Body Ritual,” LI’TYA includes three hours of foot and body treatments, hand and foot “rituals,” and full-body massages designed to cleanse, nourish, and invigorate your “meta” and physical selves. Essential oils and Australian Aboriginal healing techniques work together to rebalance your patience after two weeks of unavoidable stress.
($425, 416-977-6751 to book)