Photography via Imaxtree

3 Chic Styling Tricks to Make the Most of a Buzz Cut

Not everyone is a good candidate for a shaved head; it all depends on the shape of it and the features of the face. But whether you are experiencing hair loss and want to ditch the wigs and weaves for a more comfortable and simple look or are simply tired of having to maintain your hair on a daily basis, we put together three tricks to looking good with a close crop while embracing your individual beauty.


Shades are your best bet for adding a cool element to your look and if you have insecurities about your face shape, it’s never a bad idea to increase the lens size. Case in point: celebrities such as Amber Rose who clearly loves the look; she’s been seen recently posting many pictures and videos of herself wearing oversized sunglasses.


Another way to rock your shaved head is by adding colour. If you’re afraid or skeptical, there are tons of temporary dyes that do not require you to bleach your hair. So get on down to the nearest hairdresser or even the drugstore and add some colour to your life.


There’s something about jewellery that takes a person’s look to the next level. Earrings, in particular, whether big or small will definitely add some dimension to your face as well as help draw attention to the face, creating an effortless and aesthetic look.

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