Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Grant

Three Face Masks That Don’t Go Into Landfill After One Use

Few things equate with the spirit of self-care like a good sheet mask. On top of coercing active ingredients into the depths of our pores, they double as a veritable “Do Not Disturb” sign for our faces, fending off unwanted conversations and broadcasting to others that whatever household chore may require attention right now must wait. But it wasn’t until recently that the skincare community started to think about where each of those single-use sheets—often soaked with ingredients that make even cotton or bamboo masks non-biodegradable, not to mention all that packaging—end up. A few brands have been answering the call for a more sustainable sheet mask that still delivers all that skin brightening/soothing/pore refining goodness, but without ending up in a landfill for all of eternity. Here are three addressing the need:

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