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This Sunbathing Calculator Will Help You Enjoy the Sun Without the Burn

Sunscreen is the most essential product in your daily routine, but it can be hard to know if you’re protecting your skin the right way–especially when you end up with a painful burn even after applying. How much do you use? What SPF factor should you pick? How long can you stay out in the sun before reapplying? Honestly, it can seem a little overwhelming at times.

However, there’s a site that’s here to help. This Sunbathing Calculator allows you to love the sun safely. All you have to do is fill in some info and the site will generate how long you’re able to spend in the sun before the damage starts.

1. Sunlight intensity

First things first, how intense is the sun where you are? Is it winter? Are you in a tropical area? This sunburn map can also help with your answer.

2. Altitude

What’s your altitude? Usually you can leave this on the ‘up to 1000m’ setting, especially if you’re on a beach. But one of the places you can actually get burnt the worst is on top of a mountain. So if you’re on a ski trip, for example, make sure to factor that in.

3. Are you on water or snow?

Water and snow are both super reflective and this can definitely affect the way your sunscreen works.

4. Skin type

Next, select your skin tone. If you’re not 100 per cent sure, refer to this quiz for help.

5. SPF number

Lastly, input the SPF factor of your sunscreen.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the tool will calculate the maximum time you can be outside. If you already know how long you’re spending in the sun, you can also use the program to calculate the SPF factor you should use. Depending on what sections you fill in/leave blank, you can really find some useful information.

“Sunburns hurt, the peeling skin looks far from sexy, but more importantly, every time you get a sunburn, the risk of getting skin cancer in the future rises,” the creator of the calculator, Dr. Malgorzata Koperska, told Teen Vogue.

After you’ve calculated how to stay safe in the sun, make sure that you’re actually applying your sunscreen correctly. In addition, we suggest using products that are safe for both you and the coral reefs. Like we said, sunscreen is a super important step in your daily routine, so spend a little extra time making sure that you’re protecting your skin the very best you can.


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