Summer beauty updates: 5 ways to spruce up your beauty routine this season

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With summer in full force it’s safe to say we’ve all resorted to our classic beauty routines to keep our faces looking golden and our lips pouting a perfect shade of pink. The warmer season has always called for neon nails and beachy waves, right? Right…until now. We’ve put together 5 awesome summer beauty updates that are sure to keep you looking fresh (and on trend) day and night. Don’t worry, we kept your favourite colours and ‘dos in mind, but we’ve just stepped them up a notch—or down in some cases.

We are total suckers for a cat eye and we’ve proven that ombre is far from dead, but this summer calls for something more vibrant, more fun, more chic! It’s time to play up your features for full-on beauty impact that will have everyone envious of your summer look. From Missoni’s Spring 2014 graphic cat eye to cotton candy hair à la Demi Lovato, we’re showing you how to totally up your beauty game this summer.