Photography by Peter Stigter

10 Surprising (And Totally Necessary) Ways to Incorporate SPF Into Your Beauty Routine

Summer is officially here. And not to sound like a broken record, but sunscreen is more important than ever given all your extra exposure. Yes you know to wear sunscreen every day (just nod and tell us you do, ok?), but did you know there’s actually a number of different ways you can incorporate it?

Sun protection is now finding other ways into your life beyond your standard bottle of lotion. And given that most of us already have a routine that includes makeup, hair products and eye cream, it’s now easier than ever to get an added boost of protection. We need multiple allies in our fight against skin cancer (not to mention sun spots and wrinkles) because a quick slather of lotion in the morning jut won’t cut it anymore. So every day products that have a benefiting SPF twist to them means that’s one less thing for us to have to think about. Just remember, these are add ons, not a replacement for your usual application.

Browse the list of products with SPF to add to your beauty routine below.