Hair nectar of the gods

The FASHION copy department is home to a lot of thick, curly, somewhat unruly hair. Siofan Davies (assistant editor/research) possesses a mane of blonde shoulder-length curls, while I (copy and health editor) have tons of long chestnut waves prone to frizz. So we are a fertile testing ground for moisturizing/anti-frizz hair products—beauty editor Lesa Hannah will often lob something new over the partition for us to try. The two of us don’t always have the same hair reactions (she usually blow-dries, I arrive at work damp), but we are in complete agreement about one thing: Moroccanoil ($39, is hair nectar from the gods.

First there’s the scent—slightly sweet and warm but very natural, it’s how you want your hair to smell when you swish past people on the subway or in a crowded bar.
Then the texture—you pour a slug of the light, golden oil into your palm and apply evenly to damp hair. Fine-haired gals might not be thrilled with this but when you feel like your ends are as dry as the Kalahari, it’s deliciously satisfying.

Finally, the effect. Siofan and I arrived at the office one morning after both trying it for the first time, visibly thrilled with our softened, shiny, obedient waves. We gave Lesa a glowing post-mortem over the divider, and made her promise to send any further bottles that may materialize our way.

(As a postscript, I have since discovered that following the oil with a little curl gel provides the perfect balance of moisture and hold.)

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