So you wanna look like a debutante? M.A.C takes us behind the scenes at the Crillon Ball in Paris

Photography by Jean-Luce Huré
Photography by Jean-Luce Huré

One last dispatch from Paris just arrived at our desk: a rundown of makeup used at the 2011 le Bal des Débutantes at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. M.A.C Cosmetics was the exclusive makeup partner for the ball, and responsible for making the 23 debutantes look flawless. The main inspiration (seen here) shows a deep smoky eye, lots of lashes, and a youthful glow across the cheek—after all, most of the debs are still only 16!

The hair was done by Alexandre de Paris, a hairdressing house whose namesake has long been aligned with couture: Alexandre was behind the hair at Yves Saint Laurent shows for 34 years, and is also famously known as the man who created Elizabeth Taylor’s hairstyle in Cleopatra.

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