Smashbox Has Collaborated With L.A Artist Jen Stark For a Psychedelic Holidaze Collection

Let’s be honest: holiday makeup collections are not usually the most thrilling launches of the year. More often than not, they’re just the same year-round products, just…packaged together. Fine, but not noteworthy.

That’s exactly why we were so psyched to learn that for Smashbox’s 2018 Holidaze collection, the brand teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark (if you’re not already one of her 150k Instagram followers, may we suggest hitting the ‘follow’ button?) to create a curated collection of Smashbox’s best-sellers, packaged in Stark’s signature psychedelic designs.

Stark is known for her hypnotizing work, often depicting things like plant growth, evolution infinity and sacred geometries. From liner sets to brushes and liquid lipstick sets, the Smashbox 2018 Holidaze collection is full of great gift ideas. And the best part? Thanks to the gorgeous rainbow packaging, you don’t even really need to wrap them.

Browse some of the holiday collection below.