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Skincare Brands To Consider If You’re Sick of Excessive Packaging

Waste no more of your time tearing off lavish labels.

How many times have you ordered the newest addition to your favourite skincare line, and then upon arrival and unboxing, wondered, ‘how much more packaging do they need for this little thing?!’ ? Unfortunateluy, many beauty products today are cocooned in the excessive material, like plastic, cellophane, and foam. And many come with their own brochures tucked inside that no one ever reads. But there’s a few brands looking to disassociate “luxury” with fancy packaging and they’re stripping down all for the sake of the planet.

Lush Cosmetics

Though Lush has always positioned themselves as an environmentally friendly company in terms of ingredients, packaging, and processes, the recent expansion of its Naked Skincare line reinforces their focus on sustainability. “By offering consumers the option to go naked, we’re aiming to challenge people to consider at every touchpoint in their lives – right down to what they put on their face every day – if they really need the packaging,” says Meghan Campbell, a Lush brand and product trainer. “So many companies out there focus on the extravagance of the packaging of their skin care, but we believe that the true beauty of our products is found in their fresh ingredients.”

Ren Clean Skincare

Last Earth Day Ren Clean Skincare pledged to become completely waste-free by 2021 as part of their Clean to Planet initiative and made over their product range. Inspired by our planet’s oceans that are filled with plastic and pollution, the company uses 100 per cent recyclable packaging, refillable solutions, and bottles made with reclaimed ocean plastic. On its formula repack, Ren says, “Looking good naked ain’t easy – but our cleansers do.”

Meow Meow Tweet

All of Meow Meow Tweet’s goods are hand wrapped in post-consumer waste paper or housed in glass containers that are reusable and recyclable. On the inspiration behind the brand’s environmentally friendly packaging, co-founder Tara Pelletier says, “Sustainability is not just looking at the product in front of you, but thinking about where it came from and where it’s going.” Going even one step further, most of MMT’s products are formulated to serve a dual purpose, which cuts . Their Face Toner contains a healing witch hazel distillate, calming rose hydrosol, and soothing lavender oil, all which hydrate your skin as well as help makeup stay in place all day long. And their Skin Cream can double as a cleansing balm.

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