13 single-use beauty products that are seriously brilliant

single-use beauty products

Between getting ready for work and running out of the office to meet friends, a lot gets crammed into our days, with barely a sliver of time dedicated to our beauty routine. While we thank the beauty gods for the amount of multi-purpose products (like this and this) on the market, we often find ourselves wishing there was a button to pause life for a second. Until that’s possible, we’ll have to make do with makeup and skincare products that work when you’re on the go. Enter: single-use beauty products.

Don’t mistake single-portion beauty items as the free samples you’ve collected over the years from your trips to Sephora. Designed for one-time use only, these relatively small beauty essentials are life savers for busy bees who are constantly running late or have no room to store a complete makeup bag in an already overflowing tote bag. In case you haven’t noticed, these products are also travel-friendly (especially for summer camping days), because who really wants a bunch of mini bottles and containers taking up unnecessary space in your luggage?

Self-tanning face towelettes, serum capsules, coconut oil packets – click through to see 13 single-use beauty essentials to pack into your everyday tote, stat.