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Instagrammer Takes it Upon Herself to Create Art from Shower Drain Hair

A few weeks ago, a few FASHION editors had a discussion over lunch (probably the wrong time) on shower drain hair. Most of us found cleaning the drain to be disgusting (the soap and shampoo residue just makes everything worse), while a few others found it “oddly satisfying.” Either way, shower hair is just pretty damn annoying, whether it’s stuck in our drains or covering our walls.

So you can imagine the shock we experienced when we learned there’s a woman out there who uses said shower hair to make art. ART!!!

Behold, one of her “masterpieces”:

We’re screaming, TBH.

The mastermind (?) behind this art form is Alabama-based artist, Lucy Gafford. According to Refinery29, she’s created over 400 pieces of shower hair art since she first started experimenting with it a few years ago.

“Anyone that has long hair can probably tell you when you shower it gets stuck in your fingers, you put it on the wall, then you have this big mass of hair string on the wall…it looks like pictures sometimes,” Gafford says in a YouTube video by, explaining the medium was meant to be a joke at first. “Now I will spend up to an hour and half sometimes making pictures with hair in the shower…so I’m in deep with it now! No turning back.”

As Teen Vogue notes, Lucy’s works do resemble pencil-on-paper sketches, but truthfully, we can’t get past the fact that these are made with wet hair freshly fallen from our scalps. (Shudder). We do give credit for Gafford’s, uhh, creativity though — she’s managed to craft everything from Princess Leia to a turkey and even Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” using shower hair. All we have to say is, we’re glad no pubes were involved.

Check out more of Lucy’s art below:

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