Sarain Fox
Photograph courtesy of Sephora

Indigenous Activist Sarain Fox Stars in Sephora Canada’s New Campaign Celebrating Diversity

"Maybe my kids will grow up in a way where they really just exist"

Canada is a vast and varied country, and Sephora Canada’s newest advertising campaign is celebrating just that. Unveiling part two of its ‘We Belong To Something Beautiful’ campaign today, the cosmetics giant has tapped seven new faces to celebrate “culture, heritage and family.”

According to the brand, each of the seven women “have overcome adversity [and] embraced their heritage”, adding that the campaign “honours the inclusion of all communities shaping Canadian culture.”

Indigenous activist Sarain Fox is one of the new faces, describing in a press release how her ancestry influences her present day. “My culture is my worldview,” she says. “It informs how I walk in this world and the responsibilities I have to my community. I use my voice to uplift and empower my people. I speak honestly and unapologetically about who I am (to help change the future for the next generation). Our truth is directly connected to who we are. Our truth is our belonging.” In an accompanying video, the activist becomes emotional when talking about her children, saying, “One day maybe my kids won’t have to ask so many questions, they won’t wonder why they don’t exist, they won’t look for themselves and they won’t question their identity. Maybe my kids will grow up in a way where they really just exist.”

Fox is joined by former refugee and Toronto-based blogger, Lily Yange, as well as Montreal-based TV host Vanessa Pilon, gender justice advocate and anti-sexual violence worker Farrah Khan, choreographer Angela Mahoney, Montreal’s Imane B and Vancouver’s Nina Huynh.

Deborah Neff, Sephora Canada’s Vice President of Marketing, said of the initiative, “The We Belong to Something Beautiful campaign sets out to empower others by showcasing how culture and heritage are important and close to the hearts of Canadians. With so many diverse families nationwide, we are proud to shed light on just a few stories that contribute to the mosaic that is Canada.”

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