The Crazy Beauty Trend That Was All Over the Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2016 Runways

You no longer have to be under the age of five to appreciate a colourful mural on your face. Ah, those were the days right? Going to a carnival and getting a butterfly painted on your entire face? Heavenly. Well, your inner kid will appreciate that the Fall 2016 shows at Seoul Fashion Week made it pretty obvious that vibrant face paint is the latest beauty trend.

Models at the Doii show (above) donned an array of forest inspired hues that ran down the side of their face and nose. They resembled mystical creatures, or a tribe that I would very much like to be part of. #squadgoals

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For more sublte(-ish) face paint inspiration, models at the Kye show had their eyebrows and under-eyes painted white. It looked pretty badass tbh, and it’s an immediate attention-grabber. Maybe not for the office or going grocery shopping (imagine…) but we know you want to try it out.

Another update: smudged lipstick on your face is no longer embarrassing! Ok, yes it is when it’s not intentional, but when it is, you can pull it off. At Yohanix, designer Yohan Kim had his models smudge their dark, berry shade across the left or right side of their cheek as they walked down the runway. Yes, like Lorde.

So, are you brave enough to try face paint in public? Tag us on Instagram @fashioncanada and show us how you wear the latest IDGAF trends from Seoul Fashion Week.

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