Winter skincare: 4 healing facial treatments for highly sensitive skin

sensitive skin facials
sensitive skin facials

For those of us with sensitive, reactive or downright finicky skin, winter can be especially challenging. Concerns such as eczema, dry skin and rosacea become even more apparent when dry air and harsh winds hit. While it’s tempting to hide your skin away until warmer weather returns, it’s actually an ideal time to seek out the services of a skincare professional.

That’s right: A little bit of pampering is just what sensitive skin needs during winter months. Spas and skincare lines alike offer a range of treatments that calm irritated skin and offer a well-deserved, relaxing experience. To help you find your next go-to facial, we’ve rounded up four notable treatments that are available across Canada.

sensitive skin facials

W SkinCare EMA Clinical Peel
This Canadian skincare clinic, with locations in Toronto and Vancouver, is having a bit of a moment thanks to a handful of mentions by Lainey Gossip. (However, owner Lorinda Zimmerman won’t even blink when you try to guess which A-listers are on her client list.) While W SkinCare is known for its signature cold laser treatment, it offers a variety of treatments to help improve overall skin health.

For anyone with reactive or sensitive skin, the EMA Clinical Peel is your best bet. It distributes hydrating properties to the skin and effectively removes layers of dead skin to promote the growth of fresh cells, all while reducing the size of pores. The best part is that this peel won’t leave your skin red and raw post treatment. All treatments at W SkinCare are customized, so whether you’re dealing with seasonal sensitivity or an ongoing condition, they’ll find the perfect fix for you.

W SkinCare has locations in Toronto and Vancouver.

sensitive skin facials

Clarins Skin Healer Facial
The Clarins Skin Healer Facial was developed with vulnerable skin in mind. This facial is ideal for rosacea sufferers, as it helps to reduce redness and builds up the skin’s defenses against the harsh outside world. (That’s you, winter!)

The serums and creams used in this treatment are a part of the Clarins Gentle Care skincare range, which are free of chemical filters, colorants and anything that would further irritate the face. It won’t cure your rosacea, but is loaded with ingredients that will ease symptoms. Brown linseed helps to create a protective film on the skin, while christophine has properties that treat burns and heal wounds.

Available in Montreal and Toronto. Complete listings here.

sensitive skin facials

Comfort Zone Skin Resonance Sensitive Skin Treatment
If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, it’s an ongoing battle to balance both unsightly and extremely uncomfortable symptoms. That doesn’t mean, however, that a facial is out of the question—quite the opposite, actually! Italian skincare line Comfort Zone has created the Skin Resonance Sensitive Skin Treatment, which aids in calming and rebalancing delicate skin, even when harsh winter weather is at its peak.

The treatment works to restore the natural protective barrier on your skin. (You know, the one that we’re all born with, but wears away with age and external forces.) Using massaging techniques, the soothing formulas will help your skin fight off winter’s harshness. The sweet-smelling system of cleansers, oils and tonics uses ingredients including sunflower lipids, white tea and a native Chinese plant, known as the “toothache tree,” that has proven to console fragile skin.

Available at hotels and spas across Canada. Complete listings here.

sensitive skin facials

Yon-Ka Paris Hydralessence Facial
If your skin is drier than an Arabian desert during the colder months, opt for a Yon-Ka Paris Hydralessence spa treatment. This ultra-hydrating facial originated in France and will restore moisture and balance to the skin. The system uses seaweed and fruit extracts as its active ingredients, along with an aromatic mist that immediately hydrates the skin.

The 60-minute facial treatment is comprised of Yon-Ka Paris’ HYDRA N°1 program that delivers moisture to the various levels of the epidermis. As an added bonus, the beauty system uses anti-aging innovation. Your skin will look fresh and healthy in no time.

Available across Canada. Call 1-800-361-1263 to find a spa near you.