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5 Selfie Beauty Tips to Ensure You Get a Perfect Photo Every Time

We’re not total amateurs here; we’re quite well-versed in the basics of selfies. We understand the importance of proper lighting, how beneficial it is to know our angles, and that it will probably take us 49 tries to get one decent picture.

But if the Kardashian Klan has inspired you to step up your selfie game any further than simple camera know-hows, let us present you with Selfies 2.0. In this lesson, we’ll dive into makeup techniques that will help you take your most flattering photos yet.

From prepping your skin just right, to the easiest way to conceal a blemish, flip through for the five best ways to apply your makeup for your selfie sesh.

selfie beauty tips

Tip 1: Primer is your first filter

A great primer will act as your pre-Instagram filter. Go for one that boasts a silky formula and fills in fine lines and pores for that smooth, flawless finish. Smashbox’s Iconic Photo Finish Foundation is comprised of vitamins and antioxidants that work together to perfect the skin. This special blend diffuses light to blur out any imperfections, offering a soft, even look. Apply it after your moisturizer and before your foundation to ensure your makeup lasts well past your selfie snaps.

Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation ($44, )

selfie beauty tips

Tip 2: Take it easy with contouring

We all know the power of a great filter, but the best selfies are the ones that show our true selves–just slightly enhanced. Be careful not to go overboard with your makeup, especially when it comes to contouring. This makeup technique shouldn’t be something that’s noticeable on your face. Instead, highlighting and contouring should melt into your skin to offer a naturally defined look. For an easy contouring kit, go for Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt & Highlight. It comes with two shades that flatter all skin tones. The golden tone adds definition along the cheek, jawline and sides of nose, and the pearl highlighter illuminates cheekbones, bridge of nose, eye area and cupid’s bow. The result? A gorgeous candlelit glow.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt & Highlight ($93,

selfie beauty tips

Tip 3: Enhance your brows

Whatever you do, stay away from “Instagram Eyebrows.” If you aren’t familiar, good. It’s this weird selfie makeup trend where eyebrows are made up so they’re lightest at the thickest part, and fade into a darker shade as they thin out. Go for clean, full and well-groomed brows that look as good in a selfie as they do IRL. Fill them in with a natural-looking pencil. Our pick? Dior’s Powder Eyebrow Pencil boasts a velvety powder texture, with the built-in power of a wax for the most natural-looking brow enhancer. It’s great for giving a dense shape to the browline for a more structured look. Plus, there’s a brush on the opposite end of the pencil to tidy up the hairs.

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil ($33,

selfie beauty tips

Tip 4: Choose one feature as the main focus

Avoid looking too done up so your selfie looks a little more natural (read: like you didn’t try so hard by reading multiple articles on selfie tips). Choose to emphasize your eyes or lips. Winged liner is a great way to draw attention to your eyes, while lipstick is a great way to show personality through the shade you choose. For a more natural look, try Givenchy Beauty’s Le Rouge-A-Porter Lipstick in Rouge Atelier 302. It comes in a super hydrating formula to five your lips a slight shine, while the juicy red shade flatters every skin tone.

Givenchy Beauty Le Rouge-A-Porter Lipstick in Rouge Atelier 302 ($36,

selfie beauty tips

Tip 5: Blemishes and skin softening

No need to spend hours trying to conceal that crater on your face. All you need is a great photo editing app, kind of like the finishing spray or powder to your beauty routine. Use Facetune to easily diminish the appearance of any blemish–no matter how big, small, red or technicoloured–while smoothing out your skin as a whole for a totally Kardashian-approved complexion if that’s what you want.

Facetune ($5,