Sea foam nail polish! See all our top picks from the Daphne Guinness for M.A.C collection

All images courtesy of M.A.C. Cosmetics
All images courtesy of M.A.C. Cosmetics

See all our top picks from the Daphne Guinness for M.A.C. collection »

Daphne Guinness is (once again) bringing her style to beauty counters with a M.A.C. Cosmetics collaboration. The collection will hit stores on Boxing Day and, because the most fashionable things are only available for a limited time, they’ll be on sale until February 9, 2012. (Though, we suspect they will sell out long before then.)

With 21 pieces, the collection’s much more substantial than Guinness’s 2010 collaboration with Nars—the M.A.C. collection includes nail polishes, lipsticks, glosses, shadows for both eyelids and brows, and two tantalizing ombré blush palettes. Guinness says the collection is a window into her imagination, with an “elegant wash of watercolour-inspired shades that recall the classically beautiful cool and rich tones of the Old Masters and the stark light of northern Europe.”

As for the most covetable items, our bets are on “Hyperion,” a creamy, sea foam–grey polish that’s sure to be instantly snatched up by lacquer lovers. And the CremeSheen Glass in “Narcissus” is almost fuchsia but described as a “dirty eggplant” shade—what more could a fan of Daphne Guinness want?