Rooney Mara ditches the demure smile and shows her playful side in a film for Downtown Calvin Klein

Rooney Mara Downtown Calvin Klein

Known for her cool characters and demure smiles on the red carpet, Rooney Mara can now add fragrance film star to her resume. The highly anticipated Downtown Calvin Klein campaign video came out today and Mara’s performance justifies a repeat viewing.

Directed by David Fincher, the cinematic clip follows the Academy Award nominated actress’s hectic lifestyle in New York City. From shooting scenes on a movie set to appearing at press conferences, the short film captures a side of Mara we rarely see. In that, she’s actually smiling. A lot.

Downtown Calvin Klein is described as unique scent with an unexpected edge and the black-and-white television campaign drives this message home. Set to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs track “Runaway,” Mara breaks away from her typical calm, cool and collected personality and is instead seen laughing in the rain and having fun playing alongside children and puppies.

Having already worked on so many projects together, could it be Fincher and Mara’s close working relationship the reason that brought upon her sense of humour? Maybe. But if this is the starlet’s true self, we definitely want to see this side more often.