14 ways to get into the rainbow lips trend

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In case you haven’t noticed, brightly coloured lipstick is having a moment. It’s been having a moment for a few seasons (and no, by “brightly coloured” we don’t mean a pop of pink or coral). When Rihanna wore green lipstick to the iHeartRadio Awards, we were impressed but not convinced. Besides, what’s the guarantee that something that looks good on Rihanna would look good on us? There is none. Coco Rocha proved that orange lipstick is totally wearable (and way more chill compared to the other shades on this list, actually). J.Lo wore yellow lipstick in her music video for “Live It Up” and we side-eyed that pretty hard. (Come on, she looks fine and if something has the ability to make Jennifer Lopez look “meh,” we are not here for it.)

Purple lipstick has become as normal as red, with Joan Smalls leading that movement. Brown lips have Kylie Jenner to thank for their revival, and black lipstick has become a staple in everyone’s beauty collection.

So then finally, when Lupita Nyong’o wore blue lips this past winter, we were officially convinced of the wearability of rainbow colours. After all, we’ve seen every single colour of the rainbow at this point, so what else is there to prove?

But if you’re ready to experiment, but not sure where to start once you venture away from your trusty signature red tube, we’ve rounded up the best rainbow-coloured lipsticks for you below.

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