Rainbow Eyelashes Are a Thing, In Case You Thought the Multicoloured Trend Was Going Away

Because rainbow eyebrows simply weren’t enough (or rainbow hair and rainbow lips, for that matter) rainbow lashes are the latest craze to hit Instagram and give us serious lash inspo.

This look is surprisingly wearable and easy to recreate (read: the best way to add colour to your all-black wardrobe without trying too hard). For quick results, falsies like these are going to be your go-to. Just add a bit of glue and you’re done! If you have more time to experiment with your makeup in the morning, carefully placed multi-coloured mascara looks unreal. It’s finally time to get out that rainbow mascara you’ve been hoarding! Or, if you really want to go all-out and splurge, you could always seek out rainbow lash extensions.

Check out the gallery below for the most magical ROYGBIV-inspired rainbow eyelashes.

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