Groupon (?!?) is Launching a Prosecco Nail Polish

File this under beauty items we never knew we needed: Groupon (of all people!) is launching a prosecco nail polish.

Notice how we didn’t write prosecco-inspired? That’s because this new product is actually flavoured like the bubbly drink. Weird, right?

According to the video advertisement (which you can watch above), the prosecco-infused polish is a “zero calorie sparkling varnish” that smells and tastes like the real thing (note: they do NOT recommend drinking it, though it is supposedly “lick-able”). It’s also meant to look like the sparkling wine, with its yellow/gold hue filled with glitter.

The only catch? It’s available solely to those with U.K. addresses, and won’t be for sale online or in-store…meaning you need to enter a Groupon contest to get your hands (and fingers) on it.

TBH, we’re not that heartbroken over it not being available here — the only prosecco beauty product we’ll be sticking with is Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics’ Prosecco Pop, thank you very much.

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