old hollywood makeup

Here’s How to Do Old Hollywood Makeup in a Modern Way

These days, we’re seeing all kinds of creative beauty looks, whether it be in magazines, online or on our Instagram feeds. And while we love how innovative makeup artists and beauty lovers are getting, there is still something to be said for those classic looks of the golden ages, namely, the Old Hollywood makeup look.

Let’s be honest — nothing says glam like Old Hollywood makeup consisting of a killer cat eye, lightly blushed cheeks and, of course, a bright red lip. It’s the perfect go-to look for anyone who wants to look polished, but perhaps isn’t too keen on trying a more daring beauty trend of the moment.

So, to help you channel your inner screen siren, we enlisted our beauty vlogger, Sarah Dunk, to show us how to create a modern, Old Hollywood-inspired makeup look.

Watch the video below!

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