Introducing oil-slick lips, the new beauty trend currently taking over Instagram

Another day, another Instagram trend. After last month’s glow-in-the dark hair, Instagram trendsetters are already pumping out the latest OTT look of 2016. Introducing: #oilslicklips. Equal parts ethereal and badass, the look is generating lots of buzz on social media. One-upping the ombre lip trend that took over our newsfeed a couple years ago, the high-shine look is created by magically mixing dark metallic shades of purple, green and blue, and topping them off with clear gloss for the ultimate oil-like effect.

Given that the holographic trend has been experimented with via #galaxyhair and #glassnails, we’re not at all surprised to see beauty enthusiasts applying iridescence to their lips. Because whether puddles of petroleum oil or mermaid dreams inspired the look, our love for all things iridescent is everlasting. Scroll down to see the most mesmerizing oil-slick lips.

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