Night shift

By Sarah Hankins

The winter months tend to do a number on my hair. It’s lacklustre, sucked dry of moisture and, to top it off, dull. The only technique that really helps is using a weekly hair mask. But even though it works fantastically, the process is time-consuming since the mask needs to absorb into your hair for the best results.

So think of my excitement when the new Kérastase Noctogenist, a pair of overnight leave-in treatments ($50 each, at select salons), arrived in the office. Depending on your hair type, you can choose Voile Nuit, a spray for fine hair, or Sérum Nuit, a lotion for thick hair. The most interesting thing about these products is that they are meant to be used on towel-dried or completely dry hair before you go to bed. Though they assured me that no product residue would be left on my hair or pillow, I admit I was slightly hesitant.

Setting aside my fears of a greasy morning disaster, I put Sérum Nuit to the test. The lotion was extremely lightweight, with a soft fragrance that didn’t overpower me while I slept. It absorbed into my hair very quickly and didn’t stain my clothes or my pillows at all. After a great night’s sleep, I woke up to revitalized, shiny and ultrasoft hair. I’ll tell you one thing: Waking up to a hair makeover sure made my morning a lot brighter.

Photography by Angie Martin

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