Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl on the perfect human being + her Instagram tricks

“I see the world in a square these days,” says Nicole Warne, the Australian blogger also known as Gary Pepper Girl. Although Instagram has since introduced the option of landscape and portrait frames, that just means Warne has even more options for sharing “very bright, bubbly and positive” moments with her 1.4 million followers. “That’s the message that I want to have with Gary Pepper,” she says, seated in a suite at Le Meurice Hotel in Paris wearing a sleeveless cream CH by Carolina Herrera dress and Aquazzura heels. But before she posts, Warne uses three editing apps for each photo: Snapseed, to intensify the image and make it a little more 3D, VSCO Cam for a particular filter and Afterlight to alter the colours.

Of course, having a fiancé who’s a professional photographer doesn’t hurt either. Since launching her blog in 2009, Warne has secured numerous projects and campaigns with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Net-A-Porter. This month she’s one of the faces in L’Oreal Professionnel’s Autumn/Winter ’15 It Look campaign, for which she coloured her hair for the first time. “I have had three different colours in like two weeks now so I’m on a roll,” she laughs. Click through to read our full interview with Nicole Warne

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Her beauty must-haves

“I fly a lot, so I use the Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation, YSL Touche Éclat, SK-II facial masks (the cloth ones. I did one last night; it was amazing). For the campaign, Sam McKnight used the [L’Oreal Professionel] Hollywood Waves range; I usually style my hair like that every day so those products have been amazing to travel with. And lastly, I have been addicted to the Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer. It’s changed everything. I used to use eyeshadow because my brows are really thick so if I used a pencil it was like I had drawn them on. So now it looks very natural.”

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On suncare  

“I wear SPF 50 everyday. It’s prescribed by my skin clinic, so I don’t actually know the name. When I go to the beach I wear a hat, glasses and always have my shoulders covered. I’ve worked with the cancer institute in Australia because I think it’s important people are aware of how damaging it can be. My dad suffered from skin cancer so it’s pretty close to my family.”

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On Japanese culture

“I would always advise anyone to take a trip to Japan; I think you can draw inspiration from either the beauty and the hair care or the people and the traditions, the culture. I find it very inspiring. I love the people. I just love how much they value respect, have a really hard work ethic and are just very polite and well mannered. And they are really selfless; the amount of people that go out of their way to help you, it really resonated with me. To me, they are the perfect human being.”

On Parisian style

“What I was kind of surprised about when I first came to Paris was I thought all the women would be feminine and layered in frills and girly. And when I got here they were super chic. They don’t wear makeup, they have beautiful skin. You can walk down the street and like some lady’s outfit and she will turn around and be like, 70. I haven’t really found that in any other city so I hope to age as well the Parisian women. It’s not really about head-to-toe designer and fake eyelashes. It’s purely about looking effortless, which requires a lot of effort.”

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