5 new skincare ingredients you didn’t know you could put on your face (hello, starfish extract!)

Skincare is ever-evolving, much like our hair habits and makeup routines. In the beauty game, there isn’t a month that goes by without a new ingredient, treatment or product for us to fawn over. With endless promises of overnight rejuvenation and instant brightening results, the hype can sometimes be more alluring than the innovation itself. Truth be told, it’s often the skincare ingredients that are already cult faves in other countries that are hailed as the heroes over here.

These hero ingredients often take a backseat to the performance players we know and love most simply because we’re unaware they exist. So in order to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve dissected 5 ingredients you probably never knew existed, but should probably get familiar with. Meet the power players that are packing a punch, reversing signs of sun damage and dehydration, all the while restoring your complexion to a place that resembles your high school yearbook photo. From starfish extract to blue tansy, these are ingredients you’ll want to get to know on a personal basis.

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