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A guide to the new shades of blonde taking Instagram (and Hollywood) by storm


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When a celebrity goes blonde, like really blonde, the Twitterverse can’t stop buzzing. Take Cindy Crawford’s 14-year-old daughter (and budding supermodel) Kaia Gerber, who recently ditched her enviable brunette locks for a fresh bleach blonde look. OK, so she didn’t exactly hit the bottle (it was “just a lil wig” she wrote on an Instagram post), but lately a handful of A-list celebs have been doing just that. Platinum blonde is one of spring’s hottest hair colours, and stars like Miley Cyrus are seriously lightening up. Whether you call it white blonde, icy blonde or even #Swedishpornstar, like Cyrus’s hairstylist Chris McMillan (who was referring to the singer’s super-light locks), this trend shows no signs of slowing down at the salon. And why would it? Blondes are the queens of the sandcastle come summer.

Platinum isn’t the only kind of blonde making a splash in Hollywood these days. Mousy blonde hair (a.k.a. dishwater blonde or dirty blonde) might have gotten a bad rap in the past, but now it’s the crowning glory of It girls like Gigi Hadid and Olivia Palermo. But don’t cancel your standing colour appointment just yet. This might look lower maintenance than its platinum cousin, but something tells us these lovelies are still spending hours in the chair to go “au naturel.” (Remember no-makeup makeup? Enough said.) Before you head to the salon, check out our gallery of the latest celebs to go blonde. In the words of Legally Blonde‘s Elle Woods: “Being a blonde is actually a pretty powerful thing.”

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