new asian beauty products
Photography by Peter Stigter

11 New Asian Beauty Products That’ll Soon Be Your Latest Obsessions

When we talk about Asian beauty products, skincare is usually the first thing that comes to mind. With its infamous multi-step skincare routine, sheet mask culture and weird ingredients, a lot of Asian beauty revolves around how to care for your skin. However, this time, we’re shifting gears and shining the light on the equally innovative makeup products.

BB creams and cushion compacts have made their way into North America and have become staple products in many top beauty brands. And since one of South Korea’s big exports is beauty products, you can imagine a lot of money goes into the research and development of these items, hence the innovative results. Cases in point: Chosungah 22, Son & Park and Touch In Sol are all beauty frontrunners founded by some of SoKo’s top celebrity makeup artists who are responsible for creating cutting-edge and multi-purpose products. So it’s no surprise the results are sheer genius makeup products, like escalator mascaras, serum-foundation blenders and rose petal blushes.

Click through the gallery to see 11 new Asian beauty products we currently have our eyes on. French and American beauty giants, it’s your move.

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