Jennifer Lopez Launches 25th Fragrance, Continues to Stun Us All

From JLo's latest fragrance launch to Ezra Miller's conversation-starting PFW makeup look, Darren Criss's new unisex skincare line and more

jennifer lopez
Photo by Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez Launches 25th Fragrance, Continues to Stun Us All

A true goddess among humans, Jennifer Lopez continues to elicit dropped jaws in basically every aspect of her life—exhibit A: her epic Versace runway moment at Milan Fashion Week. And while everything about her physical being is unearthly, at 50, she’s equally as impressive on the career side of things. Not only is there ample Oscar buzz around her role in Hustlers, but on the business side, JLo’s most recent perfume launch will mark her 25th to date. Promise is the latest addition to Lopez’s perfume empire, which has generated $2 billion in sales to date, reports WWD. “There have been so many moments in my life where I have made promises to myself — to give my all, do my best, be true to myself, never give up,” Lopez told WWD. “No matter what obstacles stood in my way, I stayed true to my promises, and I believe they helped shaped who I am and where I am today. This fragrance embodies my promises and aims to inspire every woman who has ever doubted herself and struggled along the way.” We are not worthy.

Hydrafacials Are All the Rage, Says Yelp’s 2019 Trend Report

Photography courtesy of Yelp

You may not usually turn to Yelp for beauty advice—where to find the best pho within a 3-mile radius? That’s more like it—but the user-generated review site happens to be sitting on a mountain of beauty-related data, which they’ve put to use in a recent report. To celebrate the site’s 15th anniversary, Yelp launched a deep dive into some of the site’s most notable trends, with whole section devoted to the beauty services industry. Along with the hydrafacial—essentially a less abrasive version of microdermabrasion, whereby impurities are suctioned out of the skin—the treatments and services on the uptick in 2019 included microneedling and dermaplaning, while the Brazilian wax, keratin and lash extensions all took a dive in popularity. Read the full report here.

Ezra Miller Attends PFW Sporting Another Noteworthy Makeup Look

Ezra Miller continues to cement his status as a one-to-watch where makeup is concerned. This week, the actor—best known for his roles in We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them—attended the Saint Laurent show at Paris Fashion Week wearing red lipstick, pink eyeshadow from lash to brow and the words “slut” written across his cheek. “This was not a spontaneous decision for Ezra based on a mood as I inaccurately depicted it to be, but rather a very intentional statement of political, spiritual and personal significance for Ezra,” makeup artist Lisa Houghton wrote on an Instagram post, following some apparent confusion regarding the genesis of the idea. ‘This look and the use of the word ‘Slut’ was something that Ezra felt very strongly about and was done to communicate his feelings and exact his vision.”

Darren Criss is Launching a Unisex Skincare Line

Calling all Gleeks: there’s something new to get excited over this week, and it isn’t the release of the full series on Netflix Canada. Along with his partners (siblings Madison and Matthew Ruggieri) Darren Criss is putting his talent into a new venture—one which doesn’t require any singing or dancing. That is, a unisex skincare line dubbed OneKind. “There is certainly a disparity between the popularity and more obvious nature of women’s beauty products,” the Emmy-winning actor told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s historically not as much of a male-oriented thing. We were trying to level that playing field a little bit.” OneKind is set to launch on October 1, 2019.