10 Natural Oils You Need to Add to Your Skincare Routine Like, Now

Photography by Peter Stigter

We often blame the weather for our extra dry skin, blaming dry, air conditioned offices. But often, we’re also to blame; too-hot showers, a lack of moisture replenishment from using the wrong skincare, not turning on the humidifier before bed, and an internal lack of hydration from not drinking enough water are things we can change to promote a soft, glowing complexion. Our skin needs moisture, it needs balance, and it needs care.

The modern skincare routine has grown from the basic cleanse-tone-moisturize variety to include facial oils, treatment serums, or a cleansing balms containing any number of oils. And it’s no wonder, what with the natural movement taking over, cosmetic formulators are reaching into kitchens, borrowing from other cultures, and traveling the world to source a myriad of ingredients to compete for a spot on our top shelf. Which brings us to oils. From Morocco to Mexico, the fields of France and the tops of trees in South America, no leaf is left unturned. Oils are everywhere. Almost all oils are known to contain some number of antioxidants, which makes them useful for not only replacing moisture to the skin, but as highly functioning anti-agers, and celebrated healers.

Here are 10 natural oils to add to your skincare routine—and how to use them.

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