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When #NationalWatermelonDay and #NationalNailArtDay Collide

If you’ve been on Twitter or Instagram today, you know it’s #NationalWatermelonDay. And if you don’t, we took the liberty of telling you here, here and here. It’s easily the most popular of the national fruit days (possibly even all of the food days, with the exception of National Pizza Day, tbh). And why wouldn’t it be? Watermelon deserves all of the success and popularity in the world.

But what you might not know is that it’s also National Nail Art Day, too. (And IPA Day but I have no content to present you with on that front. does, though, if you’re interested.) And because I’d rather die than neglect #NationalWatermelonDay for even a second, below is a roundup of the best watermelon nail art on Instagram.

Why celebrate one made-up holiday when you can celebrate them all?

Back in school! Coffin nails with watermelon gel polish. ????? #Nails #YoungNails #NailArt #Watermelon #WatermelonNailArt

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#hazletnailsbysarah #watermelonnailart #summernailarts

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