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17 DIY Nail Designs That Are Perfect for the Easter Weekend

Transform the extra time on your hands into a festive DIY project.

This Easter, we’re trading in the traditional itinerary to fête a home-based holiday. Expected in the days ahead are egg hunts inside rather than at the park, Zoom calls for family lunches and lots more time to relax. Given it’s our duty to stay home to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Pinterest data reveals new search trends that reflect how Canadians are coping with this period, and a particular Easter-themed DIY activity is amongst them. Searches for Easter nails are up 104 per cent according to the image site’s latest report. As we know, nail salons are closed for the time being, so we rounded up some nail inspo for a little DIY session. Below are 17 Easter-themed nails to show off during your family video calls this weekend:


Falling in Spring’s prime, Easter boasts the opportunity to enjoy nature in full bloom. This year, bring the flowers inside by painting them onto your nail beds.


The cutest Easter nail art obviously involves a bunny caricature.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are an easy way to stamp some style onto your manicure. Using a toothpick dipped in lacquer, dab away until satisfaction has been reached.

Egg Hunt

The only thing we’ll be hunting for is the nail inspo below.


Simple, yet effective.

Easter French Tip

This traditional nail trend adopted a festive attitude.

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