Nail Corner: Two versions of the crescent moon manicure

While many people apply polish to avoid biting their nails, I’m the other way around: my biggest motivation to stop picking, biting, and fidgeting was the dream of perfectly shaped long nails. The type that Mad Men’s Betty Draper wears, nail expert Sophy Robson obsesses over, and that designers, such as Emanuel Ungaro, have brought to the runway: oval- or almond-shaped and long! However, the conundrum with longer nails is that they really stand out when painted in bright or dark colours. Sure, taupes and beiges are on trend, but sometimes a girl just needs a pop of colour. Enter this week’s Nail Corner: two versions of the crescent moon manicure. Made popular by Ruffian in Fall 2010, this is an easy twist on the ever-popular moon manicure—it leaves the base of your nail bare and looks more like a reverse French tip than a half-moon.

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