Nail art can’t get better than this: You can now put Ryan Gosling, Joe Jonas and Robert Pattinson on your nails!

We’re totally wearing our hearts on our… er, nails… with Rad Nails’ newest addition to their nail wrap collection, the Hot Man-icure. The illustrated nail wrap set features the faces of our favourite Hollywood hotties—Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson, Joe Jonas, Zac Efron and Pharrell—printed on easy peel and stick decals, meaning you can create a perfect ten manicure without having to visit the salon. Each wrap set comes with twenty nail designs that you can mix to your liking, and it’s worth mentioning that the thumb wraps (a.k.a. the biggest picture of them all!) showcases the face of our favourite Canadian cutie, Ryan Gosling. (We even liked him during his Breaker High days.) Hooray for cute boys who make for even cuter nail art!