Nabela Noor sitting in front of Christmas tree

How Nabela Noor’s Self-Care Routine Became One of the Most Beloved Series on TikTok

“My self-love journey started by picking my favourite things about myself, like my hair, which then led me to discover and nurture other parts of myself that I love, too.”

If you’re one of TikTok’s 850 million users, then at some point one of Nabela Noor’s videos has likely popped up on your For You Page. The Pennsylvania-based content creator, activist and entrepreneur was already a must-follow account on Instagram and YouTube, but her unique brand of self love and infectious positivity (not to mention her binge-worthy, aesthetic videos) has especially resonated with TikTok users. 

Since joining the platform in October 2019, Nabela (whose page you can find via her handle, @nabela) has amassed 4.8 million followers, and her videos have been liked almost 150 million times. She’s most well-known for her popular Pockets of Peace (POP) series, which goes viral every time she posts a new installment. Each video takes viewers through some of Nabela’s daily highlights (her “pockets of peace”), like lighting a scented candle, making an iced coffee and cooking dinner with her husband. Kicking off with her signature opening, “I believe that each day carries a few moments of goodness and we deserve to enjoy them; these are the highlights I want to celebrate, to focus on the light amidst the chaos”, the series is essentially Nabela’s gratitude journal put on display. 

“I created Pockets of Peace to help me cope with my anxiety and depression,” explains Nabela. “Originally, it was called my #QuarantineRoutine series. When quarantine was announced in March, I felt so restless and anxious, so I started filming the good moments of my day to help with my anxiety.” The series instantly took off and eventually evolved into the Pockets of Peace videos we know and love today. “People’s feeds are inundated with sad or frustrating news. It’s been a pretty unpredictable and chaotic year, [but] a few moments of uninterrupted peace and feel-good content has brought millions of people together.” 

As a beauty influencer and OGX ambassador (#OGXpert), it’s no surprise that Nabela regularly features beauty-focused moments of self care into her videos. “Hair care is a huge part of my self-care routine,” she says. “There’s something about taking the extra effort to protect and nurture your hair that feels very loving and comforting.” In fact, the opening shower clips are the most beloved part of the Pockets of Peace videos, she reveals. 

“My showers are very meditative,” says Nabela. “Washing my hair is always a massage-like process. Everything we do can feel special if we believe it is, so I try to romanticize even the most basic daily tasks.” However, she didn’t always take time to care for her hair’s health. “Ten years ago, I experimented a lot more. I even tried to go blonde,” says Nabela. “Over the years, I’ve learned how to nourish and care for my hair.” Nabela first discovered OGX products during her early college years—an integral part of her self-love journey. “OGX helped me realize the beauty of my South Asian hair and feel catered to because of the product quality and inclusive price range, and eventually led me on a journey to find more and more things to love about myself.” 

Today, she relies on a low-key routine to keep her strands shiny and healthy. “OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil is my holy grail hair care product,” says Nabela. “It’s the one that started it all for me. Growing up, my mom would have to force me to sit down for hair oil treatments and at first I hated it, but it eventually became our time to bond. She would massage the oil into my hair and tell me [about] all its benefits and why future-me would thank her one day. Now, I can’t live without rich hair oils and oil-infused products.” For extra nourishment, Nabela turns to OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Hair Mask and OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek Humidity Blocking Hairspray to keep her hair shiny and strong. 

Regardless of the platform or content type, Nabela’s message is always one that encourages her followers to practice self-acceptance and kindness, no matter which path they may take to get there. “My self-love journey started by picking my favourite things about myself—like my hair—which led me to discover and nurture other parts of myself that I love, too,” says Nabela. 

Her trick to getting to a place of self-love while appreciating the little things along the way? “Try to make the simple things the sweetest things.”