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Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images

Apparently a LOT of People Don’t Know What MUA Stands For


Beauty lovers are notorious for using industry lingo — “baking,” “nontouring,” and “de-potting” are regular words in our vocabulary.

And while things like “sandbagging” and “the beat down” may not be commonly known, we figured MUA (makeup artist) was an acronym that even non-beauty peeps were aware of.

Boy, were we wrong.

It turns out a LOT of people don’t know what MUA stands for (sorry to all you readers who were confused any time we used it). In fact, the confusion over the term was so high, that it became a thing (or should we say a “moment”) on Twitter.

Many people thought MUA was a different form of spelling for “muah,” as in a kissing sound. Another user thought it was “municipal undergarment advisor” (what that means, we don’t know). And one person figured it was makeup artist Manny Gutierrez’s last name.

But one of our personal faves was this dude, who casually threw in his own acronym — ngl (not gonna lie) — while questioning the meaning of MUA.

Meanwhile, beauty buffs everywhere were just as boggled as we were that people were just figuring out what MUA meant.

Moral of the story? Never assume people will understand your acronyms.