The most Instagrammed beauty products ever

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What do you get when you combine avocado toast, pastel macarons, cold-pressed juice (green, obv) a Matcha latte (with foam art), and a smoothie bowl? A perfect Instagram shot, of course. Can’t you just picture the perfect lighting? Now shift your eyes up a bit. Past the manicure. And the artfully placed sunglasses. What do you see? Some beauty products! How nice that they just happened to be lying around the lunch table.

And just like the avocado toast with a poached egg and chilli flakes on top, trends start to form. We begin seeing the same beauty products appear over and over again as we scroll through our newsfeeds. Which leads us to beg the question: what are the most Instagrammed beauty products out there?

Browse the gallery below to find out. We know you’ve double-tapped on several of them before.