More ice-cream cake, less guilt!

Photography by Katie Ennis
Photography by Katie Ennis

There’s nothing more nostalgic than an ice-cream cake. Especially one as adorable as this, with its creamy candy-pink surface, swirls of frozen whipped cream and, swoon, glacé cherries (which I, for one, love to look at but would never eat). So when this cake arrived at our office on a recent Friday afternoon, it was promptly devoured, despite our lack of proper utensils like plates, or spoons. Ahem.

The extra-special thing about this cake is that it’s made with Baskin-Robbins’ new Bright Choices line, which includes ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts with such winning descriptors as half-fat, no-sugar, dairy-free and low calories. Ours was made with the Real Fruit Sorbet (strawberry, yum!), which is fat-free and good for allergy-sufferers with no dairy, egg, soy, gelatin, nuts or wheat. It has a fair amount of sugar and corn syrup (I suppose agave-sweetened ice-cream cake is still a lot to ask), but the flavour does come from real frozen strawberries, and it’s coloured with beet juice.

To celebrate, BR is teaming up with Pat McDonagh for an ice-cream inspired collection to be launched at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week in October. Here’s hoping they hand out treats at the show!

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